Gene McMean


The inside of his body is made of pure electricity; he is basically a humanoid mass of electrons. His nervous system shines brightly with a varying range of colors while the rest of his body has a dimmer look to it. Gene is surrounded by a transparent, ice-like layer that acts as a skin around his body. By controlling the electrons in the molecules that make up his ice skin, he is able to freely manipulate the speed and density of those molecules in order to change the state of his skin to either a gas or a solid through sublimation and deposition. His solid form’s skin is smooth yet sturdy despite its icy appearance. It is also strangely warm due to the heat generated from the electricity inside of his body counterbalancing the cold from his icy skin. While his skin is in gas form, objects pass straight through Gene, but he can still be damaged by strong enough impacts to him. His body in this state appears to be shrouded in a layer of mist.

Gene can normally be found in his solid form wearing capris and a tanktop along with his favorite Rio hat.

English – D
Science – C
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Gene McMean

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